3 things you can use ketchup for

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Ketchup is a regular at most dinner tables. Some cooks may be insulted if you request this while others use this in their cooking. But it has other uses than just being food.


Once a year, we will have to dress our children out and send them out on candy hunting in the neighborhood. We’re talking about halloween or as someone calls it all weekend’s night (Norwegian translation). Then blood is a common feature and a lot more. Ketchup works excellent  as blood in, for example, a bandage or elsewhere.

Brushing Methods:

You can use ketchup to clean and brush silver, copper and brass. You only apply a little dose to the metal you want to make clearer, rub it in, then wipe with a damp cloth.

Then it’s done.

Some also use Tabasco sauce, but this is more expensive and nevertheless gives only the same effect. You can also use ketchup on your car or motorcycle to make the curve lighter.

Fixing hair damage:

Some people and then we talk about those with blond hair are particularly prone to chlorine damage and salt damage. This may cause the hair to turn green after a swim in the local swimming pool or on the sea for a hot summer day.

Solution to this greenish hair will be: Wash your hair with shampoo, after which you rub the ketchup into your hair and allow it to work for approx. 6 min before washing it away. The Ketchup will then become your conditioner that supplies natural oils that your hair needs.

This will remove the green color and repair the damage you have experienced after swim in chlorine or saline.

Do you have any other advice or tips on what we can use ketchup for, tells us in the comments box 🙂

Image courtesy of Steven Depolo under Creative Commons lisens:
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