About us

Selvfiks.net is perhaps one of Norway’s largest DIY (Do-it-Yourself) websites. We want to make your everyday life easier by giving you simple but good solutions. Our motto is: “If you can fix it yourself then why pay others to do it”. We call it to “Selvfikse” which in english will be to “Self Fix”. We at Selvfiks.net have realized that not everyone has a plumber, electrician, mechanic, or other professional friends who can help us with things and maybe not the economy stretches to the harrow. Then you have to do things yourself, something we in Selvfiks.net like to do.

Selvfiks.net is intended for people who like to fix themselves, want to save money and are essentially a website for everyone in all age groups.

Selvfiks.net will nevertheless point out that some things that one should have fixed themselves can be unlawful according to Norwegian law and therefore selvfiks.net recommends that people refrain from such tasks. Examples are some electrician jobs. Read more about “terms of use” for more information.

Selvfiks.net was transferred to Gartit Creative AS 01.01.18.

Gartit Creative builds among other things. Websites like Selvfiks and today run the website.

For more information on Gartit Creative, click here.


Selvfiks.net currently has no sponsorship agreement. The last deal that was with Selvfiks.net expired on 12.12.18.

If you want to become a sponsor or advertise, you can find more information here: https://selvfiks.net/en/advertising/

You can also contribute!

Selvfiks.net invites everyone, including professionals, to share their knowledge with things you can do yourself.

If you want to share this knowledge, you can simply register on our website. Not long after, you can also publish articles on Selvfiks.net after we have quality checked your article.

There is also the possibility of requesting that articles be produced by Selvfiks administration. We can also post articles for you, if it is not desirable to register and possibly stay anonymous.

This opportunity applies to anyone who has any tips or tricks that they want to share with others.

All this can be done easily by sending an e-mail to us at Post@selvfiks.net, or using the contact form on Selvfiks.net.

We have made it easy to register with us.

For more information about this, read our privacy statement.

For registration: https://selvfiks.net/en/register/

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