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How to wash a blender?

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The blender, also known as a mixer, has become more popular with the smoothia’s popularity and the focus on health in everyday life. But anyone who has used a blender knows how hard it is to get to the area where the blades are located. Then also with the danger of cutting yourself in the process.

But this method, you will have fun while you wash a blender.

This is what you need to wash a blender:

1 piece liquid dish soap

How to wash a blender:

Step 1: Add the liquid dishwasher in the blender. But not too much.

Step 2: Fill the blender with water all the way to the mackerel level.

Step 3: Start and blend the soap and water by turning on the blender, but remember the lid. Now the blender is washing itself.

Step 4: Pour out the soapy water and rinse the blender with clean water.

This is the fastest way to wash a blender. Now you don’t need to wash the blender with sponge, brush and your hands.

But keep in mind that in order for this to be an effective wash, this must be done while the food still have not dried. In other words. Wash the blender right away or fill it with water until you want to wash it.

This method also works on a food processer.

Did you know that ketchup can be used as a detergent?

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