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Good online visibility can be crucial to whether or not your website is a success. However, the start-up phase can be very confusing, and thus it can also be difficult to know where to start.

Here it is important to find the most suitable tools from the outset, so we have highlighted some of the best tools to market your website.

Read on to find out more about how you can increase the visibility of your website today.

The importance of finding the right tools

As we mentioned earlier, the success of your website can depend on how visible it is online. This is especially true for new websites that have a short history in the search engines. That said, we know that entrepreneurs like to have a thousand things in the air at the same time, so looking for good tools rarely comes high on the priority list.

It is still important to give the search a try, as there are websites that evaluate and compare different tools for companies very easily. You will find a variety of reviews, recommendations, ratings and more, making it easy to find the best tool for you. After all, time is money, and websites like this save you time.

Many of these programs allow you to automate large parts of your workload, so you can focus on more important things. That being said, let’s take you through some of the most essential tools.

Recommended tools for digital marketing

The problem with choosing marketing tools is the fact that there are countless platforms. This has made it increasingly difficult to know who to choose, and more importantly who offers the best service. To make this choice easier for you, we have chosen to highlight five different platforms that complement each other in an excellent way. These will help give you full control over your company’s digital marketing, and thus also strengthen the opportunities for good visibility online.

Google Ads

When you first launch your new website, it will be important to get the word out that it exists. Then it will be useful to aim for some good keywords and place PPC campaigns on these. In this area, few or no one can match Google Ads. Google’s own advertising network extends to the Google search engine, third-party websites, Android applications and a variety of other platforms.

Hubspot Marketing Hub

Another tool that is worth knowing about is the Hubspot Marketing Hub. This is a platform developed by Hubspot to cover all your CMS needs. The platform offers a number of tools that are intended to increase your traffic and conversion rate, but it is also relatively expensive. As one of the leading platforms on the market, Hubspot knows how to charge for its service, which means that this solution often requires a slightly larger marketing budget than many startups have access to.


When you want to be visible online, SEO will play a vital part, and here Ahrefs comes in as one of the most popular solutions. The platform offers very user-friendly solutions, which makes it easy to find keywords and backlinks for both new and experienced marketers. Ahrefs also has a number of different packages, which makes it easy to find the solution that suits your business.


Facebook has long been the largest platform for social media, which has made it an important place to have a presence. Fortunately, Facebook has made this very easy by allowing all businesses to create a free page. Many people use this solution as part of their marketing strategy, but especially the opportunity to get ads straight to the desired target group has made this attractive. Here you can tailor your needs or target groups so that Facebook’s algorithm works in tandem with your marketing. Last but not least, it is also a very cost effective way to market yourself.


One form of marketing that has long been underestimated is email. With a good platform that allows you to tailor the message, you can gather subscribers, promote content and provide access to exclusive target groups. Here, MailChimp has long been one of the best options on the market. The platform offers cost-effective solutions for both small and large companies, and has a platform that is very user-friendly.


Once you have launched your new website, it is important to capture the attention of potential customers. You can do this effectively by using the tools available online, but finding these can prove to be a big job. Therefore, many entrepreneurs choose to use a site as a sole proprietorship for this particular job. Here you will find a wealth of useful reviews, assessments and tips on how to strengthen your visibility in an effective way.

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